"Issue" Arturia Keylab mkII 61 Faders Not Recognized in MIDI Remote Editor

I can’t get Cubase to recognize the faders on my Arturia Keylab mkII 61 controller keyboard.
Using the MIDI Remote tab on the Editor, I can get the “Track Controls”, Transport and Punch IN and OUT to work, which is great and also the encoder knobs above the faders seem to work (not verified in an actual project yet) but the faders are not working. I cannot find any scripts written for my controller in the new script archive.

-I click the space where I want the faders to be represented in the Editor and then chose the fader tab on the far left to select a fader-type control to be created.
-I move the 1st fader on the keyboard and a fader is added on the Editor, then immediately the next fader for Track 2 is created in the Editor.
-But now, the 1st fader on the keyboard moves the newly created fader for Track 2 in the Editor and no longer moves the fader for Track 1 in the Editor. :frowning:
-At this point I get no response in the Editor from moving any of the other faders on the MIDI controller keyboard.

I have other concerns and questions about using the MIDI controller faders to mix within Cubase, but again I guess those are questions for additional posts.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!


Which Mode do you use on the Keylab? As far as I know, the “remote” modes are using different MIDI ports for the buttons and the sliders.