issue assigning different midi channels to different instrument tracks

Hello Steinberg Forum,
I am having an issue trying to assign different midi channels to different instrument tracks. I use a master keyboard studiologic sl88 studio, which has the possibility to divide the keyboard in 4 different parts, each one sent into a single midi channel in the same midi IN (USB). So with one MIDI device coming IN, I have 4 different channels to assign.
I would like to assign them to different instruments. Using HALion, it’s easy, I just have to go through the interface of HALion and choose the channels.
But I would like to use this feature with other VST’s (from other producers than Steinberg). So I create 4 different instrument tracks, assign the USB MIDI to each of them, but I don’t find a way to assign a different MIDI IN channel to each one of my tracks.
Maybe I will need to use another software to transpose my 4 channels into 4 different MIDI virtual devices.

I need urgent help on this topic, thank you for your attention.


Benjamin Courtois

I once had an issue like that. This may be helpful: