[ISSUE] Automation does not follow events in shuffle mode

Nuendo version : 6.5.35 :

When using Shuffle mode, automation does not follow events.

This can destroy a mix if automation is present when moving or changing the order of events (voice edits for example).

I did find this bug after destroying an EQ automation using shuffle mode for voice edits.

Hopefully we’ll have automation inside events for Nuendo 7. This will avoid those automation related problems when moving events and will greatly simplify the workflow for works requiring frequent events moves. Automation data inside tracks is something of the past. Something must be implemented to allow automation to be stored inside events and more globally an event should accept EQ and Plugins, not only fades and level curves.

According to the manual the automation follow events function is not dependent from edit modes :

If you activate the “Automation follows Events” option on the Edit menu (or in the
Preferences dialog, on the Editing page), automation events will automatically follow
when you move an event or part on the track.
This makes it easy to set up automation related to a specific event or part, rather than
to a specific position in the project. For example, you can automate the panning of a
sound effect event (having the sound pan from left to right, etc.) – if you need to move
the event, the automation will automatically follow!

The rules are:
• All automation events for the track between the start and end of the event or part
are moved.
If there are automation events at the new position (to which you move the part or
event), these are overwritten.
• If you copy an event or part, the automation events are duplicated as well.

I have found this to be an issue. Its especially annoying when having to re-edit something like classical music…