Issue: bug affect vst amp rack in stereo configuration - right channel larsen

AS TOPIC: vst amp rack in STEREO CONFIGURATION, into a layer with a stereo guitar plugin( Music lab) (that works fine with other, like guitar rig),

Recalling project, layer, or song, it produce a larsen, terrible high wistle.
If you go into configuration of vst amp rack, and put one moment in MONO, than again in STEREO, it works fine, and stop the larsen.

But next time you load the project, it makes again with the larsen, or in same case, only left channel works., as you can see on the bar of the channel into the mixer .

I tried more times, it happen expeccially if you have more than one layers with vst amp rack in insert.

And sometimes, it works later (saved, and recall project, or song,or single layer ) but with a SHORT WISTHLE, every time you jump into the song.

PRELOAD ON, intended, tried to re-boot program, audio device… and so on.
doesn’t matter any preset.
Stereo mode is to have a stereo effect, starting from a stereo guitar configuration, of course.
Guitars are not the issue, if i put on bypass vstamp rack, you can listen the clean sound stereo as expected.

PUSHING PANIC BOTTON (mean with audio panic function on) , DON’T CHANGE ANY. It reset the audio for a second, no change nothing.

my sys: windows 10 22h2 , 64gb ram, i 7 9700k, ur44 steinberg.

— NOTE IN CUBASE 12 , and before, vst amp rack works fine----

thanks, regards

Don’t know what a larsen is, but your problem is most probably related to a bug we just fixed (for the upcoming version).

That’s probably the problem. Try: new project, Menu File/Preload, disable “Always Preload”, then load your project. The bug is that when preload is active, all Stacks are activated for preload at once, but are not de-activated after preloading which of course they should. Does that help?

I tried again, and with or without PRELOAD engage in a new project, upload layers instruments and vst amp rack, starting from empty. (No stacks, we are talking about layers instruments and insert mix effect.)

Nothing different.

To resolve, the long beep, the whistle, larsen (as a mic larsen effect) in the channel right, you have to put on mono, bypass, put on stereo again and engage on vst amp rack.

NO stack, in the project, I mean i upload two,three layers with vst instruments (suite of guitars, stereo mode, of music lab ), with vst amp rack into the input slot of the channel in then mixer.
Affect vst amp rack, while guitar rig, in stereo input and output effect works fine.

Maybe something about reset audio, as you suppose, but I don’t know why it happen.

And if you fix a song with that layers, and you import again in a project (a new or the same), it happen again.

I duplicate songs in the project, and result is the same.

Maybe your fix can resolve, next update, but I don’t understand what happen.

Thanks @musicullum for support, i’m only doing some tests, to learn how works the program, for now.

Waiting for update…

That is confusing, as is your topic description " a layer with a stereo guitar plugin".
Layers don’t have audio input so I assume you are talking about Stacks instead. Despite their similarities, one (Layers) is for MIDI Input, and the other (Stacks) for Audio input and processing.
The third possibility would be Channel Inserts.
From your description there might also be some feedback loop. Or CPU overload (watch the CPU display).
So yes pls. check again with the upcoming version and if it still fails, either describe a step-by-step procedure, or send a vlprj project file. Thanks!

I wrote LAYERS, not STACKS, but my bad english didn’t help me to describe well.

In layers , you have INSERT, on audio track of the channel, similar as an instrument track in cubase.


I confirm No cpu overload, i tried with different buffers, the cpu bar is quiet.

So I wait for next update, if the issue still remain, then i will send you the project, if you tell me how i can send (we transfer link or what?).

Thanks again

Ok, got it. In that case I would search for “shortcuts” or “loops” in your routing:

  • does the channel with the insert plugin have any sends? If so, could there be some path back into the channel or its destination (Group, Out, or Song channel)?
  • same for its output.
    In any case it’s a good idea to try to narrow the cause. Save the project and remove everything else but the Layer in question and whatever you have added to its channel and that channels’ destination(s) until the feedback disappears.
    You can send just the .vlprj file via PM (private message) if that doesn’t help either.

Sent direct message with wetransfer link, the project,and a short video from my computer.