ISSUE/BUG: Time Compression of MIDI notes in Key Editor not working


I have bunch of passages that I would like to do time compression in the Key Editor. I can split them in project view and compress and stretch them, however, in Key editor it does not work. When I stretch it enlarges the durations however, it creates overlap and in the case of compression, it does not compress ( times) at all. I know this was in C8.

What is wrong please? Why Steinberg has “Sizing applies Time stretch” in Key Editor then?

Is there a plugin or midi insert to ask stretch MIDI notes in Key editor in specific timing? What about with MIDI logic editor?

Here is the function:

Input: Midi notes, new_time
output: same midi notes stretched or compressed horizontally.


Could you precisely describe, how do you Time stretch the MIDI data, please? Do you use the Sizing applies Time Stretch tool? Or do you use different way?

Maybe a video could help.