[ISSUE - C9.5.1] Plugin GUIs open faster when you hold down CMD

It’s noticeably faster to open a plugin when you hold down CMD (on Mac, anyway - not sure if it’s the same on Windows), and the system setting for the mouse double click speed strangely affects how fast Cubase opens up a plugin GUI (when you don’t hold down CMD at the same time, which you never would). This does not happen in Pro Tools, Reaper, or Studio One on my same Mac, so I know it’s not necessary and can be fixed - on those DAWs the plugin GUIs open up super fast (as they do in Cubase when you hold down CMD on Mac). Things like this are what add up quickly when you’re working day-in-and-day-out on a DAW. A fix for this would be highly welcome!


  1. Adjust the mouse double click speed in your system settings on Mac to be as fast as possible.
  2. Open a plugin’s GUI and you will notice that it’s faster than when you have the double click speed on slower settings.


  1. Hold down CMD when you open up a plugin’s GUI.
  2. You will notice that it opens noticeably faster than when you don’t hold it down, and more noticeably when your system mouse double click speed is set slower.

This is by design, not an issue.

Huh. What’s the logical reasoning behind it?

It’s a known issue.

Good, thanks for letting me know. I can’t imagine a single possible reason why that would be by design. :slight_smile:

By design… is what they say when they have no clue on how to fix things :wink:

It is a standard wait for a double click. If a modifier key is pressed the double click wait is ignored. That key was added just for that purpose. Cubase’s behavior is to ‘open’ things with a double click: a part is opened into an editor on a double click not a single click. If there is no click wait time, then multiple selections would be hard to implement with standard platform rules.


Ahhhh! So double click is the fast speed. OK, got it. I didn’t know I could open plugins with a double click, for some reason had it in my head that single click was the only way. I double click super fast, so this will help.

Thank you for clarifying, Fabio!