Issue CB 10.5 - Mix Console configurations changed automatically when adding tracks


I have all my tracks structured in different Folder tracks for different instrumet groups, like Drums, Guitars and Keyboards etc.
I have also defined various Mix Console configurations displaying each one of these specific folders, this makes it easy to change view, edit and mix different instrument groups.

But as soon I add tracks to any of these folders, all configurations are automatically updated, even the ones that is not configured to display the folder where the track(s) was added.

This is kind of irritating and I have to go through all configurations to reconfigure and update them again.

The configurations that is not displaying the folder that was affected by the new track should not be changed automatically in my opinion!

How to reproduce:

  • Create two different folder tracks with some audio or midi tracks
  • Define two different Mix console configurations displaying each one of these folders
  • Add a new track to any of the existing folders
  • The Mix Console configuration that was displaying the folder that was NOT affected by the new track, has now automatically changed and the other folder with new track is now also added as part of the configuration – i.e. both are visible.
    It should still be configured to only display the other unaffected folder.



This has been discussed many times here on the forum already.

All newly added tracks appear in all MixConsole Configuration. If newly added track is a kid of any folder, even the parent folder become visible with the new track, of course.


Thanks for the reply!
I did search but could not find any threads…

Ok, so I guess this is the way it is meant to be, it’s ok.
No big deal just a little bit irritating to have to reconfigure all configurations.

I aslo wish there was a way to save standard Mix Console configarations so that you easily could load them from other projects, instead of reconfigure same configurations over and over again for all exisiting projects.