[ISSUE] Clicks when video player on screen 6.0.6

We are having problems with audio playback when on screen video player enable. Everything sounds great until F8 pressed, then start clicking.

Tested with a session with 4 audio files and 1 video in our 32 tracks template, no plugins used

We have tried several video codecs and buffers and here are our findings:

  • Photojpeg 1080 buffer 512: Clicks All the time
  • Photojpeg 1080 buffer 1024: A lot of clicks
  • Photojpeg 720 buffer 512: Some clicks
  • Photojpeg 720 buffer 1024: Works fine

Also tried motion jpeg, h264 with no better luck.
Even tried to locate video files in different drives.

Test System:

Nuendo 6.0.6

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 service pack 1
Gygabyte GA-X79-UD5
Intel I7 3930K 3,2Ghz 3,8Ghz
64 Gb RAM quad channel
Western digital caviar black sata drives
Nvidia Quadro Nvs 450 (3 monitors and one led tv where video player is)
SSL mx4 madi card
Quicktime 7.7.4 Installed

Vst audio system settings

ssl soundscape asio
Release driver in Backgroud: Unchecked
audio priority: normal (boost also tried)
multiprocessing checked
asio guard: checked
Activate Steinberg audio power scheme: unchecked
disk preload: 2 seconds
adjust for record latency Checked
record shift: 0 samples

Anybody having same problem?
Seems like quite a good system for having this kind of problems. Isn´t it?
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.

First I would check the compression of those video files. Less compressed, less strain to CPU. Codecs you use should work. But I prefer ProRes proxy. Big files but excellent performance and picture quality.
With your system specs should not be a big problem tho. Also worth checking is Nvidia driver to see it is the latest.

Bye / Tumppi

Hi Tumppi,

Thanks a lot for your advise.

I tried photo-jpeg 100% Quality converted using Mpeg Streamclip files for the test, so think compression is not the issue.

Will check nvidia drivers and let you know.

What do you use for converting to ProRes?


I get them as ProRes…

Bye / Tumppi

Latest Nvidia drivers installed.

Tried also NDXHD codecs with no luck.

Any other ideas?

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards.

Next I´d try different QT versions. Even QT alternative.
Also GPU can cause troubles sometimes. I have no experience with Nvidia quatro. Maybe other users might jump in here. If GPU is the problem here maybe a Intensity pro video card might help.

Other than this I´m out of ideas. Sorry.

Bye / Tumppi

Is your CPU already at it’s limits before turning on the video?
Does the video play fluid when the audio drops out?

Does it matter where (on which screen) you put the video window?

Please check if the setting ‘Multi-Display/mixed-GPU acceleration’ in NVideo Control Panel (‘Manage 3D settings’) has any impact on the performance.



Thanks both for trying to help.

No, cpu meter is almost in the lowest value. Consider that we have tried with a session that almost need no cpu power.

We have experienced dropouts with some codecs we tried, but even when the video runs smothly there are clicks/dropouts.

I think doesn´t matter, but will try tomorrow.

Will try tomorrow also and let you know.

Don´t want to mess around with QT version for the moment as seems that last version should be the more reliable, but will definetly try if find no other way to manage the problem.

Thought that blackmagic card doesn´t work with QT 64 bits on windows.

Help really appreciated we are getting crazy trying to solve the issue.

Best Regards.