ISSUE: Continuous controllers default to Jump (vs. Ramp)

REPRO CASE: Record a continuous controller, like CC2=Breath:

Extract to MIDI. As soon as I do any edit in the extracted automation lanes, the data points become connected by jump rather than step. Pretty annoying for something like CC 2=breath.

Some CC’s are inherently on/off (mute, sustain pedal) while others are inherently continuous (volume, expression, breath, modulation). As Cubase stands today, in this use case, it is effectively coercing all CCs to jump.

I understand that I can select the CCs in the Key Editor and set the Curve Type to Ramp. But I’m doing orchestral scores, with lots and lots of CC/automation lanes – do I really have to manually change the curve type to Ramp every time I record a CC track? Arg!

Maybe a button somewhere to indicate that you’d like Extract-To-Midi to default to ramp vs. jump? Not sure where I’d put it. (Maybe a button on the automation lane itself, or r-click on the automation lane itself??) I could even live with a Preference – 99% of the time I want Ramp, and on the few occasions when I want jump I could live with manually dealing with it in the key editor.

I’m open to any solution that makes this workflow sane.

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