[issue] Crackling noise every 2 sec

Platform: PC
Soundcard (onboard) Realtek HD audio ALC892
External USB soundcard: Creative THX SoundBlaster
Win7 64bit.
VST: HalionSonic SE, Grand se3, EWQL Symp Orch, EWQL Symp choirs.

  1. Open project
  2. Playback
  3. After some minutes i hear a crackling noise every 2 seconds (have try to solo / mute every track)
  4. Hit stop (noise crackling some seconds after stop)
  5. Issue gone when i hit revert but appears again after some minures.

The most obvious thing about your setup is your sound card i’m afraid :frowning: neither are particularly suitable for music DAW usage…
A cheap but decent alternative if you’re on a budget would be an MAudio audiophile 24/96…
the realtek is just basic crappy onboard sound and your creative unit is really aimed at the home cinema/gaming market… sorry to sound like i’m putting a damper on your gear but i’m sure you will get many other people echoing this :frowning: you will probably find installing a ‘proper’ audio interface will solve the issue.

Yeah, there are better soundcards. I think the thing to think about is how much computer power is used while performing functions on the computer. And sometimes a non-professional soundcard is doing all kinds of things, going on line etc., looking for updates maybe.

So here, go here and download this: http://www.thesycon.de/deu/latency_check.shtml

It is safe, and it loads up each and everytime you want to use it, and then goes away. Leave the icon on your desktop. The site will explain things to you, how to use the program, but basically you can turn it on and then go into your Device Manager and start turning things off to see where those clicks are coming from. Basically they are a CPU spike. A program is spiking your audio. Start with your internet connection of course, turn it off. Over here I use a wireless router and when I record, I just unplug it. My usage goes from typically 128 to 8 in the program, (and I have no spikes even with the wireless device plugged in, BTW). Remember to find all the updating features on your various programs and turn them off, right? If you are recording, you don’t want 8 programs going off at odd intervals looking for an update. Understand? You will. Carry on, Brother. :sunglasses:

I have a BTO laptop.
The cpu load during playback is minimal, less than 25 %.

Which external soundcard do you prefer for cubase 6?

Look at the other thread about soundcards you started some weeks ago…


I’ll second that DPC latency checker tool. Had a similar issue (crackles every 2 seconds) using an RME audio interface. After some playing with the DPC tool, I found that a network driver update had also added some sort of monitoring process that was causing my problems (annoying!). Once I ferreted that out and shut it off, problem solved. Well, the glitching problem anyway… it didn’t seem to help me write any better or faster. :slight_smile: