ISSUE - Create drum map from instrument


I love :smiley: the way I can map the pads of GA4 to the rows of the Beat Designer plugin, using the “Create drum map from instrument” option in my Drum map section of the instrument track in Cubase. It always has the first pad of the GA4 instrument loaded kit on the first row in Beat Designer. Second pad on the second row etc…

But, today I loaded a preset, from within Beat Designer, that ships with Cubase. Now, when I make a new track with GA4 on it, the mapping in Beat Designer starts weird. The first row in Beat Designer is now G#-1 (which is the first of the pattern pads in GA4), instead of C1, the first of the instrument pads.

I want the first row in Beat Designer to be the first pad of my instrument (C1) again, after I use “Creat drum map from instrument”.
I know I can manually change the assignments in beat designer, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the automatic “Creat drum map from instrument”, doesn’t it?

Restarting Cubase cubase did not solve the problem.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this, or to change the starting note on the first row in Beat Designer?

Thanks in advance, :slight_smile:

Weird, it works again? :smiley:
This is what I did:

  1. I’ve changed the first row of Beat Designer back to C1.
  2. Unloaded the beat designer plugin
  3. deleted the GA4 track.
  4. Inserted a new GA4 track
  5. inserted the beat designer plugin.
  6. loaded a kit in GA4.


mmm, as I thought this was the solution, it is not entirely true. :blush:
The counting upward in the rows is wrong again after G1. It goes to G#-1.
I will number them all manually and see if it remembers that…