Issue: Cubase 11.0.30 pro not allways restarting and hangs as a background task

Sometimes Cubase 11 pro does not start the next time after closing it.
The taskmanager shows that it as a background task without consuming CPU and RAM usage is fixed to 6,3MByte. When double clicking the cubase icon again, another instance of cubase is showing up even a thrid one.
The splashscreen is not showing up.
Even when killing the process, Cubase will never start anymore until I reboot the computer.
Tried it on a Desktop PC ( All packages of Pro installed ) and a Laptop ( only Cubase installed ), same behaviour on both machines. On Desktop it happens more often than on the Laptop.
I have no additional sound packages or plugins installed, only Cubase 11 pro and contents of the Cubase 11 pro package.

I’m not seeing this and I have it installed on two desktops. What version of windows 10 are you using?


Could you make a DMP file from the Task Manager, when this happens again and share it, please?

I’ve noticed the exact same thing and wondered why even from Task Manager you can’t completely stop this Cubase process (and have to reboot). I have a laptop with Windows 10 Home (Version 20H2) and Cubase 11 Pro.


I have seen something similar mentioned here on the forum in the past.

It seems, the eLCC (synsopos) task is hanging and doesn’t quit properly.

Can confirm. This issue sometimes takes place. I’ve had this problem with 10.5 too.

Win10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 build 1809

I have the DMP, but it is 206MByte, so I guess the forum will not accept it :slight_smile:


Share it via Dropbox or similar service, please.

Hi Martin, you can download it from my server via this link Connecting...

I have zero issues with Cubase pro 11.0.30, is there an issue with your license>? you need to call the support line.


There is breakpoint in the synsoacc. That means, it’s somehow eLicneser related. The upper call-stack reports “SleepConditionVariable”. Is it a hardware sleep mode? Or USB suspension? Or something like this?

Of course I already did a request to the support, but they do not respond.

Thanks for analysing the dump. What tool did you use?
Can you point me to a tool analysing USB connection topics?