ISSUE: Cubase 11.0.40 losing audio output after update

After the last update Cubase at some point suddenly stops outputting audio until I reassign audio outputs.

No such issue was present in 11.0.30.

Interesting. I noticed when I opened some projects there was no audio because it had lost the connection on the stereo out. Enabling and saving didn’t seem to fix and I have to keep doing it. I’m not at home otherwise I would test and see if the same happens in 10.5 which I still have. This doesn’t just happen though. It is only at opening the project. Once I change it in connections it stays.

For me it doesn’t happen on opening. I can be working on a project and suddenly there will be no audio (even with no plugins whatsoever). The meters jump as usual with zero audio output. Then I would go to Audio Connections and choose the same outputs - only then audio returns.

Had to roll back to 11.0.30.

I use RME RayDAT. Never had this problem ever until 11.0.40.

I’ll have to check further when I get home Wednesday as I haven’t used it enough to see if I am seeing the same. I’m using an RME Babyface pro fs.

Have the same problem here, however I’m not able to reassign outputs. Audio Connections is not displaying the Yamaha Steinberg Driver for UR22 even though Windows 10 recognizes it. It only displays the Generic which is useless.



Disable the NVIDIA devices and the Realtek device and make your Steinberg the DEFAULT audio device for starters. Turn off Windows Sounds. Doing this sorts a lot of Windows confusion and remember that your DEFAULT audio device (UR22) must always be on when you need audio. Turn it on BEFORE YOU OPEN CUBASE.

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What you are seeing in those settings is the audio interface which means you probably have windows drivers but that doesn’t mean you gave asio drivers. Can you see the interface in any other DAW software? You can download reaper to try

No he doesn’t see the interfaces with asio drivers there but the interface he has chosen on the studio settings tab.

Do you have this problem right after launch or in th emiddle of working?

In my case I have only one audio device on my PC, and have had it for 2,5 years at this point. Everything is working fine on Cubase 9.5, 10, 10.5, and 11.0.30. Only 11.0.40 has this problem.

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It occurs right after launch. Seems like it just doesn’t recognize the driver like before.
I too, just one audio device. No problems for years like this before 11.0.40. This is the reason, I usually wait to do updates. :hot_face:

@Atanaz How did you roll back?

Thanks @mr.roos, for the suggestions. I did implement all but Cubase still won’t recognize the UR22 even though Windows does (as default).

I downloaded 11.0.30 from here (at the bottom of the page): Cubase Pro 11 Downloads | Steinberg

@Atanaz THANKS!

Solution for Cubase not recognizing Yamaha Stienberg driver:
Studio Setup / Select driver

Then check or set inputs and outputs in Audio Connections.