Issue: Cubase 11 (Mac) does not retain Spaces

Mojave 10.14.6, Cubase 11.010.

I use Spaces (found in Mission Control) instead of multiple monitors (because I’m in a studio, where multiple flat spaces in an acoustic environment are frowned upon :grin: ), and it’s brilliant in every other app I use; how great is it to switch between screens with command+arrows? But Cubase doesn’t seem to recognize that it’s in use, and doesn’t remember it when I save a session. Sure, it’s minor to have to drag my mix window into a Space every single time I load it, but an annoyance to be sure. Am I missing something here or is this a bug? (It works just fine in Pro Tools and Logic and VEPro.)

(And seriously - why would anyone want lots of monitors when one great one, plus one dedicated to video output if needed, will do? And the feature is built in to the OS, so, you know, free. SO cool if you are using a remote access/screen sharing app also - tap tap lets you look at your other machines, or an app you always need on also, like Video Slave, or a full-screen mixing console.)

Any takers? Am I the only one this doesn’t work for? Or the only one who uses this incredibly convenient feature?

Cubase needs urgently to add the full screen mode native for Mac and comunicate seriously with all the goodies offered by macOS, included by conseguence the need you mention in the post.
For what I know, Cubase is the only software that continue to ignore all this benefits that all other software (musical and not) offer by years.
The hope will be the last to die.