[ISSUE] Cubase Mixconsole freezing

Ever since I updated Cubase 8 up from 7.5, Cubase freezes upon mixconsole loading ANYTHING. By that I mean default templates, my own tracks, even selecting 'create empty" will freeze the program. it works about 1/20 of the time. how do I record these crashes for Steinberg?

I tried the 8.05 update, same problem.
I did a clean re-install of 8. same problem.

Deleted everything Steinberg off my computer and did a Clean re-install of 7.53. Also re installed the Aboslute VSTi collection(so I only have Steinberg plugins). Still the same problem.

pre updating to C8, 7.5 worked flawlessly. Ever since I saw the news of C8 release on the online HUB and decided to update, Cubase has been permanently corrupted no matter what version I reinstall.

If this means anything, upon starting Cubase it does not connect to the online HUB, as with the eliscencer does not connect to Steinberg servers either( it freezes if I perform maintenance tasks) Just to be clear by freezing I mean stuck on loading forever and program becoming unresponsive. My system stats are in the bio.