[ISSUE] Cursor disappears when moving mouse fast

I’ve got a very annoying problem. When I, for example, scrub, the cursor disappears. So I have no clue what in the waveform I am listening to. So for now the scrub function is pretty useless.

I just updated from Nuendo 4 where it worked like a charm.

Is it a bug or is it me?

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I just realized the cursor disappears playing audio as well.

It works zoomed out but as soon as I zoom in a bit the cursor gets jumpy and disappears. Also in the sample editor.

Can anyone confirm this?

hi, i found this is when i am running 64bit system on mac OS 10.8.3 … i just push my mouse (unseen) to the top of my screen and click - it reappears … this was happening to me Before I came over to N6 from PT10 … so, in my case i believe it is the Mac OS 10.8 …



Thanks for the input John!

I don’t think its the same problem. I think I am a bit unclear. ’

Let me try again :slight_smile:

When zoomed in, can everyone follow the project cursor line? Mine disappears and/or get jumpy. There is no way I know where I am in the song graphically. The same in the sample editor.

This is a deal-breaker for me, all I do is edit audio and I cannot anymore. It’s like working with tape :astonished:



Haswell, Win8, Nuendo 6.04 64 bits.

Just installed 32 bit version and it works as i should.
so I’ll guess this is a bug in the 64 bit version?

Does any Steinberg employees read these forum anymore or should I report it somewhere else?


Sorry I was wrong,

just updated the 32 bit version to 6.04 and the same problem. It seems like a 6.04 bug.

+1 on this problem… It’s really frustrating when doing intricate editing for sound-to-picture… Battling through this job!!!

my bad on which cursor … so, i am trying to recreate your Cursor issue … how far zoomed in are you ?

i run 64bit system with N6.0.5.2197 - i can see if maybe it is fixed in 6.0.5

The disappearing cursor is driving me nuts… Zoomed in quite far for waveform redraws and scrubbing. Impossible to see where you are.

Yes, this is terrible. It is the same in the project window. When zoomed in so you can see about 2 seconds of audio in project window or sample editor Nuendo gets absolutely impossible to work with due to the missing cursor.

Please act Steinberg!!! This is not acceptable!

Please make this and [ISSUE]


thank you very much for your reports. I have marked this as ISSUE,
so we will have a look at it very soon.


Thank you Timo!

Thanks Timo!

This is still an issue for me, anyone else?

It might be slightly better in 6.06 then 6.05 but still not as good as N4.

Yes. The flickering and disappearing cursor has been a serious problem for many of us and still is in the latest versions. I hope it can be fixed soon. Makes editing much more difficult and reflects poorly on Nuendo in front of clients.

I never had this issue, then I enabled Aero a few months back.
Suddenly the cursor started flickering and disappearing.

I run Windows 7 32bit/Nuendo 6.06
Using the on board graphics chip (Intel HD4000)
As soon as I disabled Aero, the problems went away.
If you are using on board graphics I would give it a try.

At the time, when I enabled aero,
many people said it had nothing to do
with the flickering/disappearing cursor.
I’m just here to give you my experience.

AFAIK this is a known issue reported before on this forum many, many times. Aero can have an influence, as can the hardware in use, but there is a fundamental flaw in the graphical performance of the project cursor, often referred to as the flickering cursor problem. Based upon user reports, on many PC systems the cursor flickers unacceptably badly, and the flickering becomes worse when you zoom in.