[ISSUE] Deleting audio from timeline sends file to trash

After Nuendo has been on for an extended period, deleting certain audio events from the timeline will send the corresponding file to the trash in the Pool. The file was not previously selected in the pool, and it is usually an audio file that was recently recorded. Older events are immune. Quitting Nuendo and relaunching fixes the behavior until it begins to happen again at some point.

I have not tested if it happens after the computer sleeps, or at what interval of time it begins to occur, but it happens often and it is very dangerous! Anyone else see this?


Nuendo 6.5.30
Mac 10.7.5
2.8 GHz Quad-Core Xeon 16GB Ram

This has been happening for years, since I started with N3 and probably prior to that. We have requested time and again that they change this behavior but that request has fallen on deaf ears. So annoying and, if you’re not careful, quite problematic. When I first started with Nuendo I lost an entire radio session with LA union actors due to this “feature”. john.

Its a really terrible bug. Potential loss of files, and therefore customers for me. Can we please treat this as what it is— a known issue, and get it on the known issues list?

And I cannot see how this could be hatd to fix.

Is this Mac only? The only computer info I see in the thread is OSX.