[ISSUE]Disable ASIO Guard Disables Transport panel

When I disable ASIO Guard the Transport panel also is disabled.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open any project with Transport panel enabled
  2. Disable ASIO Guard from the Device Setup by unchecking Activate ASIO-Guard
  3. Apply changes and close the Device Setup and completely close Cubase
  4. Start Cubase and open the project again
  5. Transport Panel is now also disabled

    Cubase Artist 8.0 on a Quad Core i5 machine. Win7 64-bit, 8GB mem.

Define disabled.

Disabled means it is switched off and not visible. Disappeared :slight_smile:. It is no big deal because of course how many times would I take this action. And it is possible to reactivate the Transport panel from the menu. But it is still… a little issue and in my opinion a little bug.


As a workaround just press F2 as soon as your project loads. The transport bar is back. This is so trivial that is not even worth reporting as it is going to be place Out of Scope right away.

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