[ISSUE] drop midi files to inst track creates new midi track

[ISSUE] dropping midi files on instrument track creates new midi track
Create instrument track
Drag and drop a midi file from file browser on Instrument track in project window

A new midi track is created with the midi file name.

Expected result:
Midi file is dropped on the Instrument track.

This happens regardless of the correct preference settings.
This creates extra work having to move the midi part from the new midi track, then having to delete the newly created and unwanted midi track.

Check your MIDI import prefs (import destination -> MIDI tracks, import dropped file as single part, auto-dissolve format 0). I can drag ‘n’ drop a MIDI file from the browser directly to an instrument track without problems.

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Yes Thanks.
Like I said, the preferences are correct. It has no affect on what happens, a new midi track is always created.

Can you post a pic of your preferences pane along with a short video of the issue (LICECap is good for this). I can not reproduce when dragging from browser to instrument track.

The gif shows dragging and dropping from addictive drums browser, then from windows browser.


Here are my settings which seem to work fine.


GIF attachment shows it working from Addictive Drums.

Thanks again, but it does not fix the issue.
Maybe I’ll trash my preferences, I don’t like doing that.

Trashing preferences did not fix it either.

I tested this in Cubase 8.5 and it works correctly.

I opened Cubase 8.5 and added an instrument track with Addictive Drums.
I drag and drop from AD’s gui on to the instrument track and the midi file drops on the instrument track as it should.
I saved this project and then opened this project in Nuendo 7.
I can now drag and drop on to this instrument track in the Nuendo project, however, if I create a new instrument track in this Nuendo project, when I drag and drop on to this new track, it creates a new midi track. If I drop on to the original AD track, it does not create a new midi track. Even though the preference settings are identical to Cubase 8.5.
I should also note, that I have started Nuendo in safe mode, and it does not solve the problem.

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I have the same problem in Nuendo 11.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

If someone will encounter this in the future: the solution is to switch the track time base from linear mode into musical.