[ISSUE]Event order problem

For some reason the behaviour of the edited events changed drastically since Nuendo 4.0, and manual editing became almost impossible for me. When I used to cut an event and moved the new object to the right, it was positioned under the next. It was quite useful when editing drums, and this is the only way maintaining the original time order of the small audio pieces. Since Nuendo 6 the programmers changed this and now the new event’s tail moves in front /at the top of the beginning of next one. This makes editing more time consuming and difficult, and I see no logical reason for that. Just wondering if there is something in the menu to change this behaviour to the old one or Steinberg would fix it with the next update? I’ve attached to pictures to demonstrate the problem.I checked this issue both in pro-tools and reaper, and I found this process is similar to the earlier Cubase / Nuendo versions, so changing it is pretty weird for me.
Old version
Nuedo 6



IMO Nuendo needs a rework of the overlapped audio + lanes system (and now track versions in 6.5). Keep it simple - don’t allow overlapped audio on a single lane, have each lane exist as a track version, and allow expansion of track versions to lanes.

Thanks, but I don’t use lanes at all. My problem is related with the track editing, and I make overlaps while I edit the recorded audio. Sometimes I’d like to move a single kick or bass note slightly right to improve timing, and the tail of the event I’ve just cut moves in the front of the next kick/snare hit or bass note. This is very frustrating and since Nuendo 6.5 is barely compatible with the earlier versions of itself, I can’t go back to version 4 for editing.
I’ve just checked, that in the multi track quantise mode this “bug” is not present, so the overlapping events move behind/under the next ones.

No one is from Steinberg around here? I’d highly appreciate, if someone would comment if this is a bug or a feature?

As mentioned, there are too many design paradigms with overlapped audio/lanes/track versions so you end up getting unexpected behaviour with specific use cases. Perhaps try filing a bug as it seems you can not accurately choose which audio is overlapped unless you change the events via lane order.

As a work-around perhaps try slipping the audio (shift + click on the audio in an event to slip left/right) to fix timing or using the newer “'beat detective” style multi-track editing and quantize features (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALGTdlNnZ30). Personally I always have delete overlaps on as this keeps the session clean. It’s very easy to drag a split point now as moving it will lengthen one event while shrinking the adjacent one requiring no cleanup of event lengths around an edit point.