Issue->FR - Preference 'Show Event Names' includes symbols - Group/ARA2/DOP/Musical Mode/etc? PLEASE SEPARATE

I don’t know if this is a bug, intended, or what…

but slightly annoying. I need those symbols, but I don’t always need Even Names.


Please, what do you mean by:

hi this is a preference that shows File Names/Event Descriptions directly on Events

the problem is for me, disabling it also disables the Event status icon thingies on the top right of events


Could you help us to find the preferences, please?

Preferences > Event Display > ‘Show Event Names’


Thank you for the details.

Yes, I can confirm. At the other hand, I can reproduce the very Sami in Cubase 9 (what is the oldest Cubase I have installed don the system). So I think, it’s actually specified like this. Therefore I would recommend to turn this to the Feature Request.

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