Issue getting active monitors to work with Steinberg UR242 in Logic

Hello Steinberg community,

I recently bought a new set of KRK monitors and can’t get them to work. Everything works fine with my setup, in Logic, except my monitors. I use a Steinberg UR242 as my interface. I can record tracks and monitor fine through my headphones when I have my output set to my Mac’s built in output, and my input set to the UR242. I can play my guitars, keyboard, drums, sing, etc. It all goes into the UR242 and comes out the Mac built in headphone jack, via headphones. However, when I set the output device to Steinberg UR242, in either the audio/midi setup in my Mac, or via preferences inside Logic, I get nothing from the monitors. I also get no sound from the headphones if they are plugged into the UR242. I don’t understand. I’m not an expert but I’m also not a novice. I know it’s probably something simple I’m overlooking. I’m running XLR male to TRS male cables from my monitors to the L/R line output in the back of my interface and selecting both the input and output to be the UR242. My monitors are turned on and the volume is up, but no sound. Again, to be clear, as soon as I set the output back to my Mac, and plug my headphones directly into my computer I have sound. 'm really baffled by this issue. I have reinstalled the drivers for the UR242 because I read something about there being issues with High Sierra. But why then would I have line levels and be able to record through inputs 1-4? Why would I be able to play my songs back and edit them at all, if it was a driver issue? Wouldn’t it be impossible to plug my guitar into input 1, a mic into input 2, and my Roland drums into inputs 3 and 4 and hear/record sound? I thought maybe the L/R jacks were messed up but that makes no sense, plus I can’t monitor through the headphones when they are plugged into the headphone jack of the UR242, either. That would mean there were three jacks jacked up, which is obviously unrealistic. So, why can’t I get my monitors to work? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


I don’t have the Steinberg interface or Logic but I’ll mention a thought since no one has chimed in…

Is there a way to “Bypass” the mixer in the UR control panel? If yes, try that. If no, at least i bumped your post.

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Thank you, Prock👍 I tried that but when I open the Steinberg USB Control Panel there is only an about and ok button and they do nothing. There are no I/O settings at all. Thanks for the idea and for bumping my thread, I really want to get my new monitors working. I’ve tried playing with the settings in Sound, Midi/Audio, and Logic, none of which results in the monitors working. I’ve hooked my phone up to them and they do work…