[issue] Glitch on clip start transposed w elastique!

You guys broke my elastique and I would like you to fix it.

I would also like to add to the chorus related to this bug…

This makes me crazy and is a huge workflow killer.

Steinberg please address.

Well, here I am again as this bug drives me mad. I just installed the trial version of C7 and it’s exactly the same problem as on C6.

All the new features in C7 are good and well, but I just don’t understand that such a fundamental issue relating to a very powerful feature has just been left broken, and rolled out in the new version.

This whole thing reminds me of the whole audio warp fiasco that became apparent when MPEX3 was introduced. It took Steinberg a good few years to get audiowarp back to a working level, and they very quietly rolled it out in C6 with the elastique audio.

Come on Steinberg, please just fix it and get the program to the level it could be at. This is such an obvious bug that adds a heap of annoying workarounds just to be able to pitch shift. The new mixer may supposably help workflow, but any timed gained with that is lost in all of my projects thanks to constant glitching of pitch shifted audio clips.

Indeed a bug that was introduced by the elastique algo. Very annoying. But I stick with the standard-mix algo. Still works best on most kinds of audio for me.

It seems that the default algo in the audio pool is “elastique” and cannot be changed anywhere. :confused:

Therefore, I am constantly having to re-visit the audio pool to change the algo from “elastique” to “standard” for each new audio event that is created. Now, if you’re not doing much chopping of audio events, this is only a minor PITA. However, I like to get really creative and chop/reorder/repitch quite a lot of things so it becomes a major pain in the hole. Every time I create a new audio event like this, the new events will default to “elastique”, so once more I have to re-open the pool window and change them to “standard”. :open_mouth:

I have to do this for every single audio event that comes into existence.
Over and over and again and again and again and again and again. And again. :imp:

Total workflow killer! :cry:

Is there really no way to change the default algo to one that works properly?

This drives me mad too. (c6.5 x64)


Yes, this should be fixed in 6.5.5!!

Is there going to be a 6.5.5 ? :wink:

Yes :wink:

Excellent. Let’s hope it gets fixed! :slight_smile:

what’s happening with this one? it is messing with my post work, especially the tape algo seems rather lame to have bugs in since it should be straight sampler-style up-/downsampling, yet it hoops, and with more extreme stretching it is actually creating a pitch lfo (tested on a sine-wave sample)…

check the 1:02 mark for the elastique bug in action, on the whistling (the sample being realtime pitch-shifted +12 semitones, you can hear the onset of the pitch shift lag, creating this funny effect that’s exaggerated by the delay effect on that track. pretty cool. a bug still!


Will this be fixed in 6.55 ?

It has been broken for about a year now. It is time to fix it, I think.

Gonna keep this on the first page.

As an aside, I see from the C7 forum that the MPEX algorithm is now broken as well and will result in your project becoming corrupted. Oh dear.

El Bumpo!

Maybe the Elastique algorithm would sound good when comping a Jaw Harp solo, or a Concerto for Wood Saws. Or a group of slide guitars.

But for anything else, it fucking sucks ass!

The 6.5.5 update is announced and the Elastique issue is NOT fixed !! :cry:


Steinberg, you broke it - you should fix it !

Do the right thing and fix this thing that you, yes you Steiny, broke!

Very, very disappointing :cry:

Same problem with Nuendo 6.0.5 :imp: