Issue: Groove Agent 5.1.10 crashes when trying to play a pattern of a multi

I’ve just updated Groove Agent (the full version) to 5.1.10 on Windows 10 (21H2).

And after loading a multi and trying to play a pattern by pressing one of the pad buttons in the GUI, Groove Agent (full version) crashes. I’ve tried with several different multi’s.

The crash happens in both, the standalone as well as the VST3 in Cubase 12. Attached a zip file containing the logs from the Cubase as well as the standalone crashes:

GrooveAgent_5_1_10_crash-log .zip (486.6 KB)

p.s. When triggering the pattern via MIDI, there’s no crash

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mmmhhhh see what you mean. Win 10 21H2

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Win 10 1909. Houston, we have a problem…

Cubase 64bit 2022.5.20 (1.7 MB)


I have the same exact problem with 5.1.10 in Windows 10. Same error message, too. But I get the crash when clicking on a Pattern Pad with the mouse, as well as if I trigger a pad with my MIDI keyboard. Crashes for standalone and the VST3 version in Cubase.

I opened a Support ticket and they said to do the following, which still did not help. I suspect there is a bug in the latest version.

Please try clearing the preferences of the Groove Agent plug in and Stand alone applications. Here are the Windows instructions, under “initialising preferences”:

To be clear. This issue is with the full version of Groove Agent 5. The SE version does not use multi-program presets.


I have same problem

I submitted a ticket for this. I was told that they are aware of the bug and will target next release to fix it. In the meantime I requested an install file for the previous version. They sent that and all is working now.


Same error message, too, But iI get the chras when expading the midimapping paramters of a multi in GA5.

Update: I did a windows sytsem recovery en turend back to GA 5.05, same problem,

how did you submit a ticket?

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Same issue here.
Groove Agent, Cubase Artist

Groove Agent 5.1.11 is now on Steinberg Download Assistant, which should fix this problem. Groove Agent SE 5.1.11 is also available in the Cubase and Nuendo sections of Steinberg Download Assistant…

You might find updates for some of the Groove Agent 5 factory content in the Updates section of Steinberg Download Assistant.

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Thanks for letting us know about the patch, @David_W - I just tested it on my system and the fix seems to have indeed solved the problem - at least on my system. :slight_smile: