Issue: Hiding all automation also hides all folders, fx channels, and groups.

For the love of all that’s holy, PLEASE fix this many years-long issue – it’s a very major one. Just imagine a 500+ track orchestral template with tons of folders and Groups.

Hiding all automation also hides all Folders, FX Channels, and Groups.

Project > Track Folding > Hide All Automation


Right Click on a track and enable Hide All Automation


I can understand you use case, but I wouldn’t consider this as a bug. Group, FX and VCA Channels are only automations, nothing more. And if you hide all tracks in any folder, even the folder becomes hidden.

Ah that makes sense why it happens. But it shouldn’t happen, in my opinion, because it requires tons of work in large projects to undo.

Hi Martin, this is a bug, it doesn´t happen only with group FX and VCA. It happens with instrument tracks that have multiple outs (there are a lot of problems with those).

if you press hide all automation the folder that contains those tracks closes too. So, hide all automation is useless for orchestral projects with folders.


These are also an automation tracks. So again, it works as specified.

As I said, I understand your use case and I agree, the feature doesn’t meet the use case you want to use for, as it is designed now. Maybe I would recommend to make a thread in the Feature Request thread, where you can specify your use case.

Track folders are automation tracks? the problem is that it closes folders that doesn´t have automation, but instrument tracks with multiple outs.

It doesn´t close the folders where there aren´t any multi out instrument tracks, that looks like a bug.

How can you say is by design that hide automation closes folders where no automation is present?

I think it works fine as it is. At least makes sense to my workflow.