[ISSUE] high cut filters don't come back correctly

When I open a C7.5 project in C8 the high-cut filters come back differently.

I already posted here in this place weeks ago, but the moderators moved the thread to the misc. section where it died.

This is a very serious issue for me. We are a professional production company and every project we open in C8 has different sounding high pass filters as they were in C7.5.

Here two 4-bar audio clips. Listen to the reverb on snare drum. There is a High-Cut Filter applied and you can hear that the C8 version has much more high end in the reverb on the snare. I did a lot of testing and it turned out it is the Filter that is faulty. When I bypass the filter in both C8 and C7.5, the projects line up.

Audio C 7.5:

Audio C8:

Can Someone please investigate this? I would like to use C8!


Hi again

I now had time to do a scientific test and can confirm that this is a bug.


Please follow this procedure to confirm.

  1. Create project in C7.5
  2. Create mono audio track
  3. Insert TestGenerator plugin on the INPUT CHANNEL (not audio channel so you can RECORDthe plugin), set to “white”, rest at default settings.
  4. Record a four bar loop
  5. Switch on High-Cut in audio channel and set frequency to 8851kHz
  6. Export Audio Mixdown (Select the audio channel for mixdown) and print audio channel to another audio channel with the EQ printed. (mixdown 24-bit wave, import into project)
  7. Play both and reverse the phase of one of the audio tracks.

It should be perfect silent, as they cancel out. (you are comparing the recorded track with the track that has the High-Cut “live” inserted)

  1. Save project and open it in C8.
  2. Hit play and you will hear that they DON’T cancel out. High-Cut sounds different in C8.

    Please fix this MAJOR bug, Steinberg.

Can’t work on any C7.5 project in C8 right now.
Also, with a broken HFC C8 project that one begins now, will be again different when HFC issue is fixed. > Total nightmare!


Steinberg, can you please confirm this issue if possible? There are other users posting on this forum about this too.

this needs to be fixed before I can start using C8!