Issue in Save as Master section

When saving master section using “Save As” there is no way to access the parent directory, it’s only possible to save in the current or lower directory

Is there a fix for this?

This is by design. Preset must be found from their name (without path), hence an implicit root is needed. You can’t save in any place.

Actually, there is an exception for Master Section presets, because you can see an option “Presets are relative to Master Project”.

I usually use sub directory for each new project I work in, then when i start new project, usually i load the last preset setting I used, usually inside the last project directory, and I need to save it in the new project directory, and this is impossible directly from master section save as

I am not sure if this issue is being fixed in version 7.1.1, I am downloading it now, and read in the documentation that something in the save master section has been improved.

Actually it’s not solved, still no way to choose upper lever directory in “Save As” for master section preset

I told you: this is not allowed by design.
Only option, if you want a different place, is to save a Master Project file where you like, and have the option “Presets are relative to Master Project”. In that case, you can save from this path or below.

I managed another workaround,
Load any preset from the parent directory, and when getting the load confirmation box, I answer by “NO”, this way my presets are still there, but the name and location changes to the parent directory, this is an issue, but please do not fix this :slight_smile: