Issue in the envelope of Halion 4.5.2

The major update from Halion 4 to 4.5.2 was great because of the browser. Strange was that for me because I coudn´t find the way to drag and drop samples. A major update! But very strange it wasn´t in Halion 4…

But I have detected a bug through Audio Exporting from Halion 4.5.2 in Cubase Artist 6.5

It didn´t go well in realtime, but when I disconnected the Real Time it worked well.
But also the interaction between editing the nodes sometimes don´t appear in the Graphical ´visual´ Enveloppe. When I move my mouse wildly over the Graphical ´visual´ Enveloppe the interaction between editing the nodes and the visual appearance in the Graphical ´visual´ Enveloppe always works. Now I do al the recordings though ASIO with my Soundcard, but that is not the way it supposed to be. And I totally don´t trust Audio Exporting when I am using one shot envellopes. I did that with drums and I got a CPU overload! I must admit that I had much in my program table and I don´t have a high quality computer so the CPU overload was maybe not caused by a bug.

I hope I helped you with a next update.
I´m from the Netherlands so please forgive if my English is wrong :wink:

Hi there,

it could be very helpful if you give us some information about your computer hardware, the used operating system and if you use 32- or 64-bit Cubase.

As well it would be very helpful if you could add at least a screenshot of the HALion 4.5., so we can take a look into the program.

Maybe useful for you:

You can activate an “Osc ECO Mode” in the HALion 4.5 Options/ Performance.
Maybe you should choose as well the “Muli- Core” Option with the correct setting for you CPU.




What do you mean with adding a screenshot?



Here are the specifications of my PC:
A DELL Inspiron 560 MT Intel Pentium Dual Core E5800 (3.10GHz, 800MHz FSB).
Memory : 8 MB through four DDR3-1333 UDIMM 1RX8 Non-ECC.
Hard Drive : 320GB Serial ATA (7200RPM)

Operating system:
Dutch genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit).

I use the Cubase Artist 6.5.0. 64 bit version.

But there is another thing, when I updated the Cubase Artist version to 6.5.3. everything went wrong. I got a lot error messages, so much that I cannot explain to you want went wrong because I can’t remember it. Can you call an update a bug? Is this my second bug :sunglasses:


Hi there,

at this moment I can not see any bug, only a maybe issue that could be related to your set up and/or installation.

Please send us a screenshot from the message as well.

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