Issue: incorrect enharmonics of grace notes

There seems to be a bug in the handling of grace notes in transposing instruments, in contexts where transposition calls for a enharmonic respelling of the key. In these cases, the program fails to consider and respell all grace notes, which remain spelled in the polar opposite key.

The issue appears to be specific for grace notes, as normal notes (and other pitch-aware elements, such as cues and chord symbols) will be transposed as expected in similar contexts.

The error occurs for any combination of key signature and instrument such that:
abs((the number of sharps in the concert key signature) + (the number of sharps added in transposition)) ≥ 7


  • Concert D major (2 sharps) & English horn (add 1 sharp) = 3 sharps
    No issues.
  • F# major (+6 #) & Trumpet in Bb (+2 #) = 8
    Grace notes will be spelled as if in “G# major”, whereas everything else will be in Ab major as expected.
  • F minor (-4 #) & Clarinet in A (-3 #) = -7
    Grace notes will be in Ab minor, everything else in G# minor.
  • etc.

Please see the attached project file for a demonstration of the issue.
Transposition (423 KB)

Thanks for reporting this, and sorry to take so long to acknowledge your report. I can confirm this bug, and we’ll make sure it gets fixed for our next major release.