[ISSUE] iZotope Dlg Denoiser

I set up a template with iZotope’s RX Dialog Denoiser on inserts. I turned this off because it is relatively CPU intensive, and so I only want to enable it on a case-by-case basis. In both projects and templates this plugin is therefore shut off by default.

However, without having any automation written to a project simply activating it will enable the plugin. This means that if a project has no automation of this plugin and it is shut off when saving, simply reopening later will enable it and make the dialog sound differently on export (which I just experienced when exporting for a client :frowning:

Can anyone confirm this on N 6.0.X as well as 6.5.X?

Thanks for checking Steinberg.

After contacting iZotope I now know what is going wrong in the app.