ISSUE lfo with delay alters pitch


could anyone please confirm:

  • open H4, load a program
  • configure LFO1 to affect pitch (in the modulation matrix)
  • set LFO delay so that the pitch modulation should start after a while

result: the sample becomes detuned before the LFO modulation starts. When LFO-modulated, the average pitch of the sound is ok, but before, it is way off.

regards, greque

P.S. does anyone know a workaround? thanks.

Hi Greg,

the only way to get the described behavior was to load and modify a HALion 3 program.
With HALion 4 programs i was not able to reproduce this.
If you´ve modified a HALion 3 program, please deactivate “HALion 3 Compatibility” mode by clicking the “3”-Icon in the zone editor caption.
Afterwards LFO pitch modulation should work as expected.

best regards

thanks a lot!