[issue] Lock/Unlock seems broken[SOLVED]

hi ppl! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to use the Key Command for Lock/Unlock but it doesn’t seem to work.
If I assign a key combination to just Lock, which is the neighbor KC in the list, then selected parts get locked.
If I assign a key combination to Lock/Unlock nothing happens.
Either I’m misunderstanding what Lock/Unlock is or something seems broken?

Repro, somebody, please? :slight_smile:

Hej Ulf

“Lock/Unlock Track” is for Tracks.

“Lock” - and - “Unlock” is for Events


  • Bo

hehe, thanx! :blush:

I’m creating some kind of montage with a million sound snippets and for the first time I appriciate the ability to lock parts and events in Cubase. So you can lock Tracks as well, eh … e x c e l l e n t ! :smiling_imp:

anyways, issue soved, thanx again! :wink: