[issue] MacBookPro C7.5.1 huge lags on altering audio engine

I’m on MacBookPro late 2013 15" Haswell 16GB 1TB SSD, running Cubase 7.5.1, using either RME Babyface, Motu 828x or internal audio.

Whenever I do anything that changes the audio engine routing, I get the coloured ball cursor, the system lags up to a few seconds until it resumes to respond.

this involves:

  • creating/removing a plugin instrument track
  • adding/removing an instrument to/from the instrument rack
  • changing anything in the control room setup (adding/removing I/O/CR busses)

There’s no issue at all under Win8.1 x64 Cubase 7.5.1 x64 on either Bootcamp boot, Parallels VM running Bootcamp partition or a native Win 8.1 PC.

does anyone experience the same?