[ISSUE] MediaBay crashes Nuendo


I just upgraded from N4 to N6 and one of the problems i got with Mediabay in N4 was that it made N4 crash while scanning my folders with .wav files.

Now i use N6 and the same thing happens…

This is how it happens…

Mediabay searches in the by me specified folders… (only wav files in there) And it stops at a certain point with searching, the icon remains red, but it is idle… when i disable that folder in seach by removing its checkbox, N6 freezes…

what goes wrong here?

I had that happen to.
In my case it was caused by corrupted files. This was caused by the location mixer trying to use Majax to convert files from sound devises 744 to conform to Cantar standards, corrupting the files in the process of doing so.

I had the same problem, turned out to be some old rex files that were in my sample folder.
For some reason Media Bay doesn’t like certain types of files.
I removed the rex files from the area being scanned and it finally completed the scan without issue.