Issue: Midi Editor Scroll Position in Lower Zone changes

Hi all,

maybe I am too stupid too find this in the preferences or it is really a bug. When I reopen the MIDI editor in the lower zone or switch tabs in lower zone and come back to the MIDI editor, the vertical scroll positions changes (it always scrolls up to with a certain amount, depending on the vertical zoom factor).

This behavior only happens when the vertical zoom is greater than 0. (>+)

I would except that the scroll position in the editor doesn’t change at all when closing and re-opening it.

Looking forward to your feedback and your experiences. Can you replicate this behavior?

Thank you,

Confirmed, here. At first, I thought that maybe the Preferences>Editors>Editor Content Follows Event Selection should be ticked. But no, it’s not that : on my end, no matter the way this one is set, each time the key editor is opened in the lower zone, activating another tab (MixConsole, i.e.), then the Key editor again, the vertical zoom position of it is stuck to the highest available note visible (G8). Not very practical indeed…

Strangely, if we activate the Score Editor, then the Key one after, the vertical zooming in the latter is set as expected again, as if the key editor needed this to focus correctly. A bug ? Something to fix, obviously, unless there’s a well hidden setting that prevent it somewhere…