Issue: Midi routing from Dorico to Cubase via IAC bus

Sending midi via IAC bus from notation software (Dorico) to Cubase via IAC bus doesn’t seem to be working. See my settings below

System info:


How is the IAC driver itself set up? Is the output connected to its input?

I’m not sure, I setup the IAC bus in Mac via “Audio Midi Setup.” I made sure the device is “online,” and also check the “midi port setup” in cubase and make sure that it’s “visible” and “active.” Dorico doesn’t seem to have very many options for midi routing (at least not that I’ve seen so far). Below is my Dorico midi routing configuration:


I had a look to the IAC Driver. It seems it does sent the out to its input by default.

Did you enable the MIDI Channels in the IAC Driver (macOS Audio MIDI Setup utility), please?

Yes they’re active

I did some digging and got a midi monitor. Here’s what I found. Notice that Sibelius is outputting MIDI note information when I play a passage (and correctly routes this info to Cubase midi track. However, Dorico is outputting something else.


Sorry, the size of the image is to small to see the real valu.

But to me it seems, Sibelius is not maybe sending MIDI Time Code data and Dorico does.

Do you have synced Dorico and Cubase? What is your master and what is slave?

Yeah, I don’t know why Steinberg decided to limit pictures to 700pixels in width. I needed it larger for exactly this reason.

Do you mean synced as in “rewired?” If so, no. Cubase isn’t synced/rewired w/ Dorico. Also, I don’t think Cubase is synced/rewired to Sibelius either because the rewire logo isn’t showing up in the transport panel.

No worries if this can’t be figured out soon, but do let Steinberg know if this is a bug (and also tell them to lift the ridiculous 700px picture restriction). I’ll use Sibelius in the mean time to score and transfer midi to cubase tracks.


There is no ReWire in Dorico, so it cannot be synced this way.

Sorry, I’m not really the Dorico expert. I was thinking of MIDI Time Code (otherwise I don’t see a reason to enable it on the IAC Driver).

No worries, I’ll work with Sibelius until there is full integration between Dorico and Cubase