ISSUE? Mismatch in Preset Lists

Can someone explain the mysterious magic surrounding WHERE ARE Cubase presets ??? Why does Steinberg insist on making this feature so unusable?? PLEASE, LET ME SEE THE PRESET SOURCE FOLDER (Open Preset Folder Location)! I don’t know where the hell any of them are, and Cubase will not let me find out. Very, very frustrating such common function is not implemented.

I find all sorts of conflicting information on the actual “correct” folder location.

I am on Windows 10. Cubase 11. I have not used presets because I cannot make use of Steinberg’s nonsense here.

The Oddity2 comes with a standard list of presets accessed via their preset menu as well as the plugin wrapper preset list dropdown. Oddity2 also had some additional presets made for Cubase. So now I am TRYING to add those additional presets that come for Cubase. Their doc said put them in some path that does not exist, so I didn’t do that. I found a “VST3 Presets” folder under Documents. I made an Oddity2 folder there under “Documents\VST3 Presets” and put all the files there.

None of those new presets show up when clicking the Load Preset option from the plugin wrapper preset option (That preset dialog is totally useless for adding or finding new presets by the way). BUT, those new presets ARE showing up in the Media Browser for the Oddity2 vst. WTH??

Why are they different lists? Makes no sense whatsoever. See image below.

Oh, I also had used the “Convert Program List To VST Presets” option, which wrote out something, I don’t know where. That is what made the Oddity2 stuff show under the “Location Tree” in the previous post (BS name, because it does show the actual location of anything).

So where did the VST Preset List tool write those presets?

As I suspected… no one understands how to use Cubase presets. :slight_smile:

This could be Steinberg’s doing, but I suspect it was Gforce that’s resposible for this. I say this because their preset browser has none of the features most VST instruments have such as Save, Load, folders for various banks of presets, a Factory folder, a User Folder. Their preset list is just flat and featureless. If I had to bet, I’d say this was Gforce’s fault, not Steinberg’s.
Also, it’s not really that big a deal to use the Cubase wrapper’s Load Preset to load those presets.
Also, you didn’t find the folder in the instructions, and I am assuming you’re on Windows here, because Gforce wrote the installation instructions only for Mac. PC users have to figure it out for ourselves. I installed the vstpresets for Mixed Bag to:

C:\Users\Me\Documents\VST3 Presets\GForce\Oddity2_vstwin_x64

and they show up in the VST wrapper Load Presets just fine. A very small inconvenience with the benefit of knowing that all those presets are from the expansion pack.

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Thanks for your response.

I don’t see how the GForce VST has anything to do with it in this case, as I DID use the “Load Presets” from the VST wrapper (See my first post in this tread). I am trying to locate presets via the wrapper, not the preset list of the VST itself.

Well, that is part of my complaint… you cannot actually “load” anything via that dialog. You cannot browse your system for a location. You already have to had put the presets in the location where the wrapper expects them to be (which is a complete mystery). It won’t even let you discover where any existing presets are on the disk. It’s really strange, and frustrating.

Thanks for that. I tried that exact path. Made no difference in the VST wrapper. I tried putting the actual “*.vstpreset” files in that folder, as well as having the “Mixed Bag Bank” subfolder with those files. No difference for the VST wrapper.

And again, this is not limited to this plugin. It is a terrible preset system design by Steinberg.

And the question remains also as to why the VST wrapper has a different list than the Media Bay list.

Have you even tried drag and drop ?
If this does not work with your plugin, just search the folders where it is installed and where default presets are then simply copy the additional presets there. That way they will show in the plugin wrapper.
Why make things complicated when it is simple ?

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Drag and drop what? From where? To where?

I am referring to the “*.vstpreset” presets that are intended for the Cubase preset ‘manager’.

Tell that to Steinberg. :slight_smile:

The folder for custom presets is :

User/Documents/VST3 Presets/Manufacturer/Plugin

This is where you put additional presets.
Presets that you Save are also written there (by using the preset bar on top of the plugin window).
Note that the Manufacturer and Plugin folder names are case sensitive, if there is one character wrong, then the plugin won’t be able to find them. That can also be a reason why you can indeed see them in the Media browser, but not in the plugin !

A lot of recent VST 3 plugins make use of this new system.
All the default presets and custom ones are displayed at the same place and are stored in the same folder. They will normally not have any preset loader in their GUI.

Some plugin manufacturers still make use of the old VST 2 preset system, even if the plugin itself is VST 3.
With the old system, your Saved custom presets won’t be displayed in the default list, but only when you click Load Preset.
Some plugins that use the old system can have their default presets loadable from both Cubase plugin window and from the plugin GUI itself, but then the two lists are completely separate.
It means that if you save a preset from the plugin GUI, it will only be accessible through the plugin GUI, and won’t appear anywhere in the Cubase system.

The old system looks like this :

old preset loader 1

Or this :

old preset loader 2

The new system looks like this :

Now you can’t say that you can’t understand.

where are my custom presets?!
they seemed to be drowned in the
cubase presets ocean forever!

this problem occurs since cubase 6

sometimes i can some of my custom presets by chance while stepping through i.e. halion 6 factory presets

i really can’t understand this presets system steinberg made….

Ah… Did you even know that when you save a preset you have to possibility to create folders ?..
If you don’t, it will mix up with the default list for sure…
What does it cost to create a “Custom” folder and save your presets there ?
That’s just basic understanding.

I can and I will, and you can’t stop me! Mwaaahahaaaaahahahaa!!!

But really thanks for posting your detailed info. Useful, but I don’t think it explains why Cubase itself would show two differing lists of presets, merely depending which Cubase list you look at.

EDIT: OK, so I found where I had put the additional presets that were showing only in the Media Bay list. They were here…
“C:\Users\Clay\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\GForce\Oddity2_vstwin_x64\Mixed Bag Bank”. It looks like that location is for Steinberg product presets, so the GForce stuff shouldn’t be there.

I removed them from there and only have them in the documents\VSTPresets folder under the manufacturer\plugin naming. Now both lists seem to be the same, though the Media Bay list doesn’t show folders (I suppose that’s just how it works).