[Issue] Mix 2 & 3 [Solved]

They don’t rememeber it’s state.
If I change the settings from Mix 2 and 3, close and then open it changes the size and the settings…

Edit: solved with 10.0.10


It works to me here (on Mac).

Do you mean just window size and position? Or other settings? Did you call the MixConsole " & 3 window from the menu or via Key Command or by using Workspace?

it changes the size, position and settings. I open and close with kc…


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

On MIx 3 it works now. But the Mix 2 doesn’t remember the settings for me. If I hide Left Zone, when I open it again it shows the Left Zone, and shrink the window, then it goes very wide… :frowning:

I did the Reset Layout for the Mixer 2 and it resolved. The only small issue is that there’s a small empty space that I can’t resize…

The empty space I talked before, I resolved with the zoom… So, maybe they change the zoom factor on the mixer, on the v10…

That’s the empty space I talked about before… In the v9, that doesn’t happen…


It depends on the size of the MixConsole window. It seems you have only 1 Channel visible in this MixConsole, but the size of the window is much bigger. Therefore there is an empty place.

yes, but that doesn’t happen on the V9…

How did it look like on Cubase 9.5 then in the same case on your side?


But on this picture you don’t have the same size of the MixCosnole 2 as you have in Cubase 10. Then just resize the MixConsole 2 window in Cubase 10 and you get exactly the same result.

Yes, that’s the problem. In Cubase 10 I can’t resize the MixConsole to that size as in v9…


You can’t make it so small?



OK, I retested on my side. You are right in Cubase 10.0.5 you cannot change the size this way. As far as I can say, this will be fixed in Cubase 10.0.10.

Nice :slight_smile: