Issue : Monitor section not setting up as expected in 11.2

I’m having a bit of a strange issue

I had to rebuild my Pc due to Cubase and AA plugins completely destroying my OS , alls well now but one thing :
I use three pairs of monitors and the headphones via the monitor control section in WL
All audio connections appear to be setup correctly with outputs 1/2 to assignment 1 , 3/4 to assignment 2 and so on but , non of the other 3 work , only the first pair on assignment 1 , If i press the monitor two button the level doubles in the monitor 1’s and no sound out of the second ones if that makes sense .
Im Using Rme Total mix in DAW mode , all other programs ( Cubase ,Spectralayer) and Vsti’s work as expected , is this just a setting im missing in WL or could it be ( close your eyes) …a Bbbbbbbbbbbu ? :upside_down_face: :grin:


Can you show your setup with Monitors, Routing and Audio Device
take screen shots, then I think it’s more easy to get help here…

regards S-EH

I will when i’m at the Daw , but as far as i can see all connections are as they should be , i’ve always used the Monitor section with no problem

Just a quick update :
I was going to grab some screens shots asked but all seems to be working as expected which is a little strange , good but strange as i never altered any setting in the audio connections to deserve a restart .
i’ll keep an eye on this as it’s a little strange