[ISSUE] N6.0.7 Mixconsole screwed up after C7.5.2 install

Hi all, I searched the forum with no luck, since I installed C7.5.2 update N6.0.7 is unusable, I have nearly nothing showing up in N6 mixconsole, no Steinberg plugins either (they are listed but won’t open), no EQ knobs or sliders whatsoever, only faders and routing.

Has anyone experienced this ?

I uninstalled N6, re-install from DVD and then patched N6.0.7 update, no luck everything stays screwed up

C6.5.2 seems to behave as expected…

I’m on Win7 64bit with both Cubendos in 64bit.

thanks for any hints


I noticed some weirdness in Nuendo 6.07 when I was demoing the Cubase 7.5 trial.
There seems to be some overlap even though it is not intended.
I didn’t experience what you have going on but little things like
the shortcut to route selected channels to the same destination…
Shift+Alt has stopped working in the project window but still works in the mix console.
There were other things as well but I’m still able to work…around them.
This cycle seems to be the “work around” cycle.

Try resetting the mixer and or trashing your preferences.