[ISSUE] N6 Trial version problem loading Plugin

Today the clocks went forward and Nuendo did its usual thing and re-initialized all plugins on launching.

Since then N6.0.3 can not find the BFD2.dll plugin in the c:\program files\steinberg\vstplugins folder - it is listed in VST-Instruments as !!!Missing!!! although it is definitely there - N603 finds other plugins in the same folder, but not BFD2.

However, N5.5.5 does still find it in the same folder!

Could this be caused by the fact that the Trial version may not actually be the ‘full’ version as advertised?

If this is a Steinberg attempt to get me to purchase the N6 upgrade it is not going to work until the Mixer colour issues are resolved.

Rather than being forced to get N6 I am now forced back to N5.5.5.

N6.0.3. is just not recognizing BFD2.dll in the Steinberg\VSTplugins folder.

Why could this be?

Does v6.0.3 change the way Nuendo recognizes plugins?

Hi Bredo,

Do you have BFD2 as well?

Yes, it is the only one - all of the other plugins load correctly.


thanks for reporting. We noticed that there are a few plug-ins not loading
correctly in Nuendo 6, BFD2 might be one of there. We’ll put it on the list for checking.


Thanks Timo,

Can we expect a solution to the plugin issue soon?


yes, we’'re currently analysing which plug-ins are affected by this behavior.
You’re will be added. I hope he can have a solution for this soon.