[ISSUE] No 50fps in Project setings

We have recently changed our record format to 720P50 and have just installed N6.06 hoping to find the project settings to be updated to deal with the more recent frame rate.

I can’t use user definable frame rates as it only changes the display and not the 9pin control which only syncs with the project frame rate.



What about the Get From Video in Project Setup?

It pops up a window saying failed.
If I put a video in 720P50 on the video track it says “framrate mismatch” or something close in bright red letters.
The big issue is I can’t sync 9pin control.

I hope this is addressed in the next update…

I agree. This is sorely needed.

Both internally in Nuendo, and the Blackmagic available frame rates must be updated.


Hi Pal
How do we know this has been acknowledged?