Issue: No sound from MR with INSERT I/O used without a computer


I have connected my MR to Lexicon MPX 550 ( dual channel processor). I am using MR as stand-alone without a computer with MR editor setup:

  1. an insert cable from INSERT I/O jacks 1 of MR to MPX (left and right) input/output. The tip labeled send “To the input jack of the external processor” and the tip labeled return “To the output jack of the external processor”
  2. S/PDIF cables from MR to MPX.

Whenever I take the cable off of INSERT I/O jacks 1, I hear the sound. But when I insert it, don’t hear any sound.

Page 7 of the manual says signal from analog input 1 should go to the external effect, passing through A/D goes to the computer and output jacks. But it seems there is no activity ( LEDs) and also on my headphones I near nothing but silence.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.