[ISSUE] Nuendo 6.0.7 fader jump in relative slider mode

Context :

Nuendo 6.0.7, 32 or 64 bits versions.
Tried on two different PCs with different video cards chip manufacturer. (ATI / NVIDIA) and two different Windows 7 versions, one 32 bits and one 64 bits.

Note : Nuendo 5.5.6 does not exhibit this problem. Neither 32 nor 64 bits versions.

Problem description :

When using relative slider mode, 0.8 dB fader jumps can be seen toward the opposite side before the fader come back to the asked direction.
For example if the fader is at 0 dB, when trying to lower the level, the fader jump to 0.8 dB before it will follow the asked move.

Those jumps are recorded in the automation track. This mean that it is not a simple mixer graphics problem.

This is perfectly reproducible.

How to reproduce :

  • Switch to relative slider mode (Preferences menu, Editing, Controls) and select : “Relative” Slider mode.
  • Put the mouse pointer under the fader button, for example about 1 centimeter below the fader button.
  • Click to start moving the fader downside.

You should see a fader jump of approximately 0.8 dB in the upside direction when you start lowering the fader position and only after this jump the fader will go to the right direction.

The jump does not occur if the mouse pointer is located on the fader button before to start the move.

Seems like a mixer bug that did came with the new Nuendo 6 mixer.