[ISSUE] Nuendo 6.06 Crashes on pressing play

I’ve been working with the 32bit version and tried to open the project in the 64-bit version. As soon as I press play I get a CPU overload message

that keeps propagating when I close it as long as PLAY is engaged. Nuendo then becomes unresponsive and crashes. The same thing happens in Nuendo 5.5 x64. I noticed that the CPU meter on the transport in both versions (6.06 & 5.5) always has the red clipping indicator on, regardless if a plug-in is loaded or not, even if I start a project without an audio file

and despite the fact that Windows Task Manager shows no CPU activity

Rebooting the PC changes nothing.


  1. open nuendo X64
  2. Create new project
  3. Import Audio file.
  4. Press PLAY
    result > CPU overload THEN crash

I am running Win7 X64, 24GB, with Steinberg CC121 controller and Euphonix MC Transport. The crash occurs whether or not the controllers are turned on.

Have you replaced all your 32bit plugs with 64bit plugs? If not, how are you bridging them?


Hmm, good question. I just spent an hour removing plugins in the programs folder to see if this would resolve the issue; it hasn’t. Unfortunately, I don’t remember which plugins I installed most recently and not all of them are labelled X64. I know the 64bit version of Nuendo has worked before. I guess I will have to work my way backwards to see if I can trace the problem back to a particular plugin.

Would a plugin issue be the only cause of this crash on both versions (i.e. 6.06 & 5.5.6)?