[ISSUE] Nuendo 6.5 and Yosemite 10.10

Just noticing a few things… The downloaded installer didn’t like 10.10 and the helper installer that Steinberg talked about doesn’t have any Nuendo version in its list and won’t help it install. The only way i got it to install at all was to fake out the osx system version plist and set it to 10.9. Once installed it mostly worked fine… and was much faster too. BUT 9 out of 10 times the steinberg hub would totally crash out the program. After turning that off i can boot up fine but eventually its locks up the mac. I note inside of console these errors over and over again. Related to the Nvidiagforce kext bundle.

7/26/14 3:38:35.637 AM Nuendo 6.5[582]: Error: this application, or a library it uses, has passed an invalid numeric value (NaN, or not-a-number) to CoreGraphics API. This is a serious error and contributes to an overall degradation of system stability and reliability. This notice is a courtesy: please fix this problem. It will become a fatal error in an upcoming update.

I have attached crash logs:
nuendo65crash1010.txt.zip (22.1 KB)

If you need to post crash logs, zip them and attach it to your post. Please don’t include them as content in your post, and don’t share them as rtf files, they should simply be plain text files.

In any case, I know you’re posting out of a helping spirit, but you’re ahead of the game here. I can assure you SB is taking care of making sure their products work with this future, as yet unreleased, OS version.


Nuendo 6.5 is not yet compatible with OSX 10.10 beta version. We will release an update for Nuendo 6.5 and
Nuendo 6 before the official OSX 10.10 availability. This update will also contain extensive maintenance
and lots of fixes.


OHHHH there i only looked at the top strip like most forums… didn’t see the attachment tab at the bottom… DOH!
I fixed the post i made above… sorry about that.

Would be nice since there is a public beta now… if SB would shove out a few more builds between now and october.
Many developers are testing plugins etc… so would be nice to mabye get on a beta list with new builds rather then just one build now then one build in OCT. as it were.

When are those fixes likely to appear?

it’s a crash fest here!

Finding it really hard to work!

Steinberg have traditionally been rather fast with updates (faster than most other audio developers).
From browsing the web and different forums I get the feeling that some of the early adopters are going through more grief than they did with Mavericks. On a system that probably lives with a lot of 3rd party softwares you should always keep in mind that all the components that you use must work together.

NI stuff seems to have problems.
Internal speakers are causing problems or are just not working.
Various other plugs seem to cause crashes or strange behaviour (AudioEase, Musiclab…)
There are users reporting that AVID’s EuCon 3.2 seems to have issues with 10.10

Apple are doing some questionable things from the pro user point of view at the moment. One major OS iteration per year is one of them. On the machines for serious work I would only install security updates at the moment and refrain from any other OS updates.

So I guess it’s time for the time machine


I will say here what i have said else where… I had major issues after 10.10 but it got a bit better when on the apple developer forums we figured out that some stuff was caused by permission issues that couldn’t be resolved while the OS was in use. We booted to the recovery partition (Turn off the machine. Then press the power button… once it starts to turn on hold down the option key till you see your boot drive options one should be your main system drive partition the other should say RecoveryHD or some such. Arrow key over to it then hit enter. Once booted and you are in. you will see a menu select disk utility and then select your MacintoshHD or whatever your normal Hard drive is named in the pane to the left. Then in the right side of the program do Repair permissions.
Then reboot back to your main system drive. see if that helps

If Apple keeps this up in the post-Jobs era, you Mac users are going to end up with as much techno-geekery and workaround-isms as us Windows guys! Ha!

Heah… its not that bad. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Has this been done yet?

So far just 6.5.30 that i can see. 10.10 is officially out.
It tends to be a random crash-fest a bit… I wish SB had an official channel were we could send them some of the crash reports and that they would actually get to the dev team. I was finding a ton with nvidea kexts but that seems to have stabilized a bit with the official web drivers out. However now im getting tons of exec crashes. like bad memory pointers etc.

Why you dudes on Yosemite already anyhow, hardly any time after it’s been released?
You enjoy pain or sumthin’?
I will patiently wait around here until Steiny, Adobe and NI say it’s good to go, THEN I’m upgrading.
I thought anyone with a little common sense would do that…

well to answer your question… I am on the official Paid Apple Beta group… and 2. I have proper backups and swap cloned drives out when testing. Worst case it takes 2 mins to swap the drive in a slide out tray. I test and if i can use it day to day i will if not… then i swap back and wait a few beta updates and try again. Its all about planning. I want no down time. So i beta-test prepared. Been in IT for 25 years and nothing scares me. Most things are predictable.

Plenty of common sense here, just that Steiny promised to fix any bugs before commercial release Yosemite. Looks like that hasn’t happened. Everything else works fine here apart from the Dropbox app.

DB working fine here there is an update too that gives nice sync feedback with swirls or green checks next to files now too in finder view! 2.10.41 is the build i have.

I get crashes on exit in Nuendo 6.5.30 sometimes and when doing some random items. Mostly exec crash related less to do with the nvidia drivers since the release of an official web driver. Still i save often and am paranoid. I do get crashed randomly with saving overtop of a template to update it.

I have Nuendo 6.5 +NEK with the latest updates. It crashes constantly on Yosemite. Unfortunately I have a brand new iMac that (as far as I know) can’t be downgraded in OS. I certainly hope this Feb 2015 update fixes this. Nuendo will crash when opening projects, switching VST connections, switching sample rates, disabling/enabling control room. I can’t even get the the monitoring to work at all. It seems to randomly work if I am lucky. Extremely unstable, and I would say unusable at this point. It crashes so much and so randomly that I can’t even begin to pinpoint what might be triggering it.