Issue of pop crackling & input latency and cpu cores


Cubase Pro 9 to 10.5.20 all have this kind of issue.

Windows 10 64bit 1709, 32g ram, i7 4790k, avid version duet
(I have tried all later version of windows 10 except 2004. There all have huge performance impact on 4790k. So I went back to 1709)

There are pops and cracklings while playback. If I disable the first 2 cores of cpu, it’s gone, everything runs smoothly.

If I load some large sample based instrument, the input latency sores.

asio buffer____output latency____input latency before loading____input latency after loading____delta of input latency

The heap / jump / increasement (I don’t which word is properly) of latency time is a constant value under all buffer size settings, and it varies every times, around 3 to 5ms. It lasts about 1 hour before the latency returns to normal. Or I can restart the computer to eliminate it.

But, if the first 2 cores of cpu are disabled before libraries loading, all the issue disappears.

What I have done to try to solve it:
Create new power plan
Reinstall audio interface driver
Disable services about storage
Uninstall steinberg generic asio driver
Disable energy saving on both windows and bios
Update acpi driver

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for my English.

are your CPU and mainboard drivers are up to date?

they fix bugs…
onborad graphics or dedicated graphics?

All drivers have been updated 1 week ago.

Graphics card is nvidia. Built in graphic is disabled.