Did some offline bouncing and some tracks were missing. Realtime includes all tracks though. Problem with just offline…

Double check that you have no tracks record enabled.

Yep checked those. Using exactly same conditions, realtime allows all the tracks and plugins to be as done. Can’t trust offline at the mo.

And actually (and maybe because I’m using a lot of UAD plugs) realtime is quicker!!


I’ve had no problems recently. In the past I’ve heard mixes that sounded different due to a plugin not reacting properly (Voxengo Elephant to be precise). It’s fixed, but I was really shocked when I realized that the mixdown sounded FAR from identical.
My educated guess would be that it’s really the UAD…what happens when you try freezing the UAD tracks?


Do you have a good (huge) buffer set for your audio interface? FWIW, that speeds UAD plugin rendering to about the same rate as internals, and can help with offline processing issues.

When I’m doing an export, I set my buffer to the max. Again, FWIW, no problems here.


Mike, have you applied the CoreAudio2ASIO update? I did and now some of my offline audio export are missing data…

Ah… when was that made available? And where would I get it?


If you’re still on 10.8, you don’t need it, it’s only for 10.9.

I thought that maybe, when I noticed that my offline audio export were missing some data, it was related to the CoreAudio2ASIO update, since I noticed the problem after I applied this update.

Apparently, it’s not related…