[ISSUE] Offline Process History

Checking the Offline Process History of a region reveals a “number” for the action,
instead of a descriptive plugin name.
This only happens after save/close & re-open session in N6.04 64 bit.
This gets very confusing when using a few offline plugins in a row.

Anyone care to check ?

Offline Process History.JPG

For whatever it’s worth, this is not happening on my rig.

Edit: It’s not happening on EVERY PROJECT on my rig.

Of course, just now, when I actually needed my offline process info, I experienced the issue for the first time.


I’ve seen this when the plugin that was used for the offline process is not available anymore.
You should be able to remove the process, but you can’t modify it.


Sadly, it happens when the plugins (at least in my current project) haven’t changed at all.

File this under “pain in the…”


Confirmed, same problem here. OS X 64 bit 6.04 version.

Same here. N6.04 32 and 64 bit. Boring…

Seems like I’m not the only one who noticed this.
Can it be qualified as a bug ?
This didn’t happen in N5.5.5 !


Hello Stevie,

thanks for reporting. We will try to reproduce it. I’ve officially marked it as “issue”.


Confirmed on my end as well. It reappears if I press modify so it’s not likely that its a plug-in that doesn’t exist anymore. Thanks

Also just today, I’ve noticed that when trying to import track XML data from another N6.04 session the offline process history is gone. I’m using reference to original audio, seems to work in N5. Anybody else noticed this?



I can confirm it has been successfully reproduced in-house. However, it did not make it
into the upcoming 6.0.5 update (released within the next 14 days), but will be on schedule
for 6.0.6.

I’ll move this topic to the “Collected Issues” forum very soon.