[ISSUE] Offline Processes in Nuendo XML

Also just today, I’ve noticed that when trying to import track XML data from another N6.04 session the offline process history is gone. I’m using reference to original audio, seems to work in N5. Anybody else noticed this?

Timeline had posted this in June in a thread about Offline Process History revealing numbers instead of plugin names.
As it is another topic I open a new thread here.

To repro do following once in N6.5 and once in N5.5
Export a track with clips with Offline Processes. Choose “reference audio”.
Create new project. Import that track. Choose “use media files from archive”

Check Offline Historie:
In N5.5 all will be the same as in original project. You can access the Offline Process on clip on track; you can see the clip in Poole marked as processed.
In 6.5 the track will play the clips with there processes but opening Offline History will not reveal the process. In pool you will find a new version of the clip, but not marked as processed.
And that means: No way off undoing or changing the process after track export/import.

Now trying another way to move track data with Offline Processes from one project to another I open both projects at the same time and just copy the clips to a track on my new project.
The Offline Process is now ignored completely. No process is played, no process is shown. The new track plays the not processed audio. (And it’s the same with referencing or copying the audio)

This is on Mac version of N6.5. Can anybody repro on PC?


I could repro it on a PC Nuendo 6.07. Process history is broken after XML Export-Import.

Now perhaps I should ask the question in another way: How do you transfer Nuendo track data from one project to another when having used Offline Processes?
Or: 2 people working on same feature, one doing Dialog, the other doing Soundeffects, both using Offline Processes. How would you (for mixing) bring the tracks of both into one project?

I’m a bit worried as I need this sort of workflow…and do not know at the moment if it will ever work again as it had in N5.5.


Thanks for bringing this up.

I’m going to bump this up and add my concern on this issue. It is especially important that this get resolved quickly, as the promised new feature of “Advanced Project Collaboration” in N7 would be severely handicapped without this bug being corrected. Offline Process History is a fantastic feature of Nuendo and I use it often. No doubt, this info disappearing from the Track Archive function is a bug.

Which brings me to this for the OP. Have you submitted a bug report in that portion of this forum? That would be the thing to do, in addition to bringing it up here and would be the most likely way to get it addressed by Steinberg.

Mark the thread [ISSUE] and report to support.

Thanks Lydiot and Getalife. I will do as you propose.
Bur sorry that I have to ask…How do I mark the thread [ISSUE]. I can edit my post but how can I edit the threads titel?


I think you can just hit “edit” of your first post and add to the name. I forget.

Thank you. Yes, it has to be the first post.

Yamaha Support could repro the broken 6.5 XML import. XML Export seems to be ok as opening the 6.5 XML in a N5.5 shows correct data.

At the risk of being regarded impatient…
If that thread is marked “Issue” for a week…and not moved to “Collected Issues” …does that mean it is not accepted a issue?